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The Future of On-Demand Mobile Apps in 2020

The hustle bustle of our lives keeps us busy. It leaves with us no or very little time to do everyday tasks such as cooking, buying grocery or getting a gift for our loved ones. This dynamic world hardly allows us the time for a peaceful sleep. However, on the upside, our fast-paced actions have brought us to a point where all our pressing concerns can be solved with just a few clicks. It’s like a pandora box which when opens gives us the desired services right at our doorstep.

This is the advantage of on-demand apps, such as online grocers, launderers, food delivery, medicine delivery or shopping apps are everywhere to be seen. Each year, on-demand apps are grabbing eyeballs of over 22.4 million users who spend nearly $57.6 billion.

On-demand apps have become a widely used concept and its market is scaling and evolving with every passing day. These apps are becoming a bridge between the consumers and their end needs. Many consumers look up on these service or product apps to have a better idea on the rates or reviews of the product they wish to purchase. In addition to checking the products, customers get to lay their hands on the products on the same platform with just a few clicks on their phones.

For a product business to serve its customers in a better manner and build your brand recall, it is important to leverage the power of on-demand apps.

Features of On-Demand apps:

Developing one such app is not sufficient. Before you develop, it is vital to know which features are prime for your customers to have an easy access to your product or service.

Getting in touch with a fine mobile app development company will ensure that you get required features in your business app at optimum rates. However, there are a couple of features which are a must-have in your app and should be included while getting one created. These basic features are:

Essential Notifications: To build a loyal customer base, it is important to let them know about limited period offers or upcoming deals. In addition to this, you can convey your customers about your services and send message alerts to keep them up to date with your offerings. This, if used aptly, is an extremely useful marketing tool.

In addition to this, notifications can be used to send them real-time updates on their concerns or service requests raised, and as well convey the revised status of their ticket.

GPS Tracking: In order to track your customer’s location for proper order delivery, GPS integration is important. This makes it a key feature to be added to the on-demand apps. Not only is it vital for you to have this feature, it is also necessary for customers for conveniently ensuring that the orders are placed rightly.

Activity List: This list showcases customers their orders, search results and other relevant data. The application stores this data and relieves customers off the load to re-search the items.

Wishlist: There would be times when your customers won’t be ready to buy any item, could be due to a higher than expected price or the item is out of stock. Such times call for a Wishlist feature where customers can add the products they like. Having this feature on On-demand apps would allow you to remind them about the products again via notifications too.

Payment Options: Allowing people to make payment via mobile makes things easier for them. These days diverse payment options are being offered by on-demand apps make them more acceptable and easier to use.

Reviews and Ratings: Customer testimonials play a vital role in gaining trust on your brand and product. It can contribute to success of your app, as people would know where to come for genuine customer feedback before buying a product. It helps in enhancing user experience too.

Order Cancellation or Reschedule: There would be times when a customer might want to cancel an order or reschedule the shipment; could be due to any reason. Thus, offering him the options to either cancel or reschedule as per their preferences would build trust on your business.

Simplified Checkout Process: The purpose of on-demand apps is to offer convenience to users. To make things easy for them, allow the option to place several orders at once. This highlights the need to collect their basic details and ensure a simplified checkout process. Filling in all the details every time one checks out can be hassling.

Benefits of On-Demand apps

Over 80% of the businesses have their on-demand apps developed to cater to the needs of their customers. It must be kept in mind that if you want to serve your customers well and develop an app to offer them convenience, then it must be highly customizable according to your business. This means, if need be, more features can be added, and more product range can be included. Also, keep a tab on the vulnerable areas in the app to ensure safety of the customer data. This can build your customers’ trust on your brand, thereby contributing to increase in your business Return on Investment.

The benefits you can avail from developing an on-demand app are:

Make the most of this mobile era: According to a report by Statista, mobile phone users have increased by 4.68 billion from 2015 to 2020, which means it is the time for businesses to invest in mobile app development.

Get speed and scale to your business: Every user is concerned about the security of their data, which they would be inputting on your app. Certainly, your app should be secure and keep their data safe and sound. It is also significant to build a customizable app, if you want to scale your business. These apps offer better scalability on all kinds of operating systems.

Unlimited business prospects: When a customer creates an account on your app, you get access to a lot of demographic and physiographic details, such as their contact numbers, addresses, email ids, likes and dislikes. You should make use of this data aptly to make informed decisions for the growth of your business.

Use their details to send them alerts about sales and offers, market your products, send personalized communication and offer personalized support. This will strengthen your relationship with your customers and instill their trust in you.

Offer value and flexibility: Focus on providing your consumers with long-term apps which are user friendly and have flexible policies. This will get you more ROI and attract loyal customer base.

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