5 Content Marketing Trends to Keep You Atop in 2020

This new year brings with it some of the newest content marketing trends which will most certainly change the way businesses promote themselves and generate leads. The new age content marketing demand tactics to keep the customers engaged throughout their user journey and after.

Furthermore, given the fact that people are constantly changing, the way content is marketed also needs to change over time. It needs to evolve with the needs of your audience. You need to show them what they want, and therefore, you need to create content that is effective and engaging. It is important to distribute content that is consumable by them on a channel they are present on.

To help you channel your content marketing strategies, we will walk you through the five content marketing trends which you need to know to achieve success in 2020.  Read on to know!

A. Video Streaming and Social Media Live

With the advent of content creation platforms like Snapchat, Smule, TikTok and streaming platforms like Netflix or Hotstar, video and streaming have become popular. YouTube has always played a massive role in taking your content to a wider audience. Also, Facebook and Instagram Live streaming have been helpful in reaching out to audience you may or may not be very active on your page. In 2020, it is only expected to get bigger and better. As per a report published by HubSpot, 54% of users prefer seeing video content from a business or a brand they follow or use. It not only builds trust in their minds, but also help your product or service reach out to an audience that you would have otherwise missed upon. Video and live streaming are sure the ways you would want to try to engage your audience in 2020. More so because, with a greater number of social media channels popping up – be it Instagram TV, or Facebook watch; the platforms you can share those videos is also growing, such as LinkedIn or your website or on whatsapp. It is one of the easiest ways to hold the attention of your audience and by doing Lives on Facebook or Instagram, you can address what they want to know in real time. So, what are you waiting for? Get, Set, Shoot!

B. Create Content for Voice Search Assistants

All smartphones and AI powered assistants, such as Alexa and Siri use voice search. It is a more convenient way to look for things these days. Thus, it becomes utmost important to develop a skill for your content to be searchable by these assistants. As per a report by Canalys, there is an increase in voice searches in Q2 of 2018 – the searches grew by 187% in globally. This clearly indicates that more