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How to Increase Effectiveness of Your Small Business Website in 2020

Kudos! You have attracted potential customers to your website. Now what is the next best action that you want them to take? Thought of it yet? In case, you haven’t this is your guide to it. And even if you have thought of what you want them to do, this article would help you with ways to make your small business website effective.

It cannot be denied that most small business owners these days are aware of their digital presence, which means, they realize that their business needs a website. However, they fail to understand the need to make their business website more effective.

The job of a website is to get you more potential customers. Once your customers land on to your website, what next? What should they be doing – do you want them to give you call or visit you on your physical store – the action should be loud and clear!

But won’t that be even better if you could generate leads and sales for you form your website by making a few simple changes?

a. Appearance is Everything
At least in case of websites! The more presentable it is, more the number of people will stick there for long. So, make your website look good and professional. A good website makes a great first impression of your professionalism and encourages your potential users to try you out. As per a report by Adobe, 38% people said that they wouldn’t want to engage with a website that had unattractive content or layout.

It doesn’t cost a bomb, so don’t worry. A web designer can give your website a professional makeover cost-effectively. It plays in your advantage if your website is on WordPress – since you can take your pick from thousands of free templates and themes to instantly change the look and feel of your website.

b . Clearly Communicate Options to Contact You
Your business and you become easily approachable if you give your potential customers an option to get in touch with you clearly. Make it easy for them to contact you – just list your address, phone number and email on the website. There are many users who would not really want to invest time in calling you for a simple query. Also, in a survey conducted by BankMyCell, 75% of millennials agreed that they avoided inquiring on calls because they happen to be time-consuming.

This brings up the need to make it easy for them to reach out to you. Put up the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on your website, create a contact form where they can leave their questions. Not only will this make the user journey easy for your potential customers, but you will also be able to generate more leads for your business.

Additionally, you could consider adding a chatbot to your website as well – for the times when your customers want information before they are headed for a purchase. The advantage of having a chatbot is that it is available 24X7, even when you are not around, you customers will continue to get their answers.

c. Add Proof of Your Likability
Humans tend to imitate the actions taken by their peers; thus, it becomes all the more important to share testimonials with them. Add social proof on your website that can influence their decision to pick you over your competitor. Show off your happy clients on your website, and it is highly probable that your visitors would want to become your customers as well. A simple example of this is Amazon. Before you take a buying decision, you tend to have a look at the reviews – better the reviews, more is your inclination to buy that product.

Apart from reviews or testimonials, you could also add information that could prove to be useful for your audience – such as case studies, logos showing your array of clients, number of products sold, or how to use a particular product and its benefits. You could also have user generated content on your website which is a great way to build credibility.

d. Start a Blog
Blog is an element that can make your website more effective by attracting more visitors to your website. Not only this, it will also better your ranking on search engine by improving SEO. A blog’s task is not just to fetch you more potential customers, but also to encourage them to become one.

A business blog is not a place to share your personal thoughts, it is a medium to address probable queries of your users. Example, a healthcare company might want to educate their potential customers about the seasonal ailments, and there and then offer them a link to buy medicines to cure those ailments. If someone has landed on your blog regarding Skin Diseases, it is quite possible that the person is suffering from one and is seeking a solution. Herein, your blog will not only educate them about the cures but also offer a channel to get cured.  

By writing informative and knowledgeable content, you will become an expert in your industry and your readers will be more likely to become your loyal customers.

e. A Strong Call to Action is a Must
Most websites commit this mistake of not including a strong call to action. While it may seem like a small mistake, but it could have a huge impact on your business. How would your customers know what action do you expect out of them? Your CTA would make them take an action which they are willing to take but are not sure at the moment.

A strong call to action prompts an immediate response. Without one, they might make a mental note of calling you, but a CTA sitting right there would trigger them to take an action there and then. It doesn’t really depend on what kind of a business you have; you can create a button that deems befitting for you. Some of the examples are, call now, explore more, continue shopping, book an appointment, get a quote, to list a few.


Your website’s job is not to just sit there in the search engine listings; its job is to get you more users and generate more leads for your business. In this article you learnt about ways to make your website more effective so as to turn browsers to paying customers.

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