E-Mail Marketing Effective Tips for Business in 2020

Marketers are innovating at a vast pace. Thanks to the numerous resources that are at their disposal in the market. For marketers these resources act like charm to grow and improve revenue. According to the facts and figures from Venture Beat, there are 1,876 companies across 43 different marketing categories, comprising SEO, social media, mobile analytics, to list a few. However, there is one category that has been performing well one year after another – Email marketing. For a decade, Emails have been the source of highest ROI (Return on Investment) for the marketers. Which means, for every $1 spent, the revenue generated by emails is $38. This offers marketers a wide reach of all the channels accessible. It cannot be denied that, no matter how many different tools are available to marketers, email marketing happens to be an excellent option to grow any business.

These are the times, when we are swamped with business emails every day. While most of the people do find it spammy, it still is known to leave a mark on the receiver, ensuring an everlasting effect. But what must be noted that, it is a well-crafted email that is meant to create a recall and nurture your relationship with your customers. Once you have created that connect with your audience, it becomes easy to promote your brand and enhance sales opportunities.

There’s a wide array of things that you can use email marketing for, be it to sell products, give information or share news, to tell a story or to share an offering.

But have you wondered, why not any other channel and why Email Marketing? Here’s why.

Reasons to use Email marketing on a large scale:

Broader reach:
While facebook sees around 1 billion active users and Twitter sees approximately 255 million users, this proves that social media is an effective way to reach out to the masses, however, the fact remains that data sharing is most frequent only on Email usage. As per the Radicati, there were around 3.9 billion Emails in 2013 which saw a rise to 4.9 billion in 2017.

The best use of email is that you can take people to your website and get sign ups from them, especially if you are an online store. These email ids can then be used to target your audience on the social media as well. So, it becomes a mode from which you can connect with your prospects and customers and have a broader reach.

Highest ROI generator:
Email marketing is an effective and efficient marketing strategy that can help shoot up your ROI. Looking at the global statistics shows that if you spend $1 on email marketing, an average ROI of 3,800% can be achieved, that is $38. This makes it a dependable medium to use for business growth.

Tips for effective Email Marketing:

Keep your emails crisp and concise:

In emails, it is important to have a catchy subject line as that is what prompts your user to open it. Try to keep it short because 70% of your communication is read on mobile instead of desktop screens. To avoid it from getting truncated, keep the main communication in front and use emojis to catch attention.

Message should be hard-hitting:
Since email is more approachable as a channel, it is preferred by most marketers. Also, 90% of the emails get timely delivered and only 2% of the posts get seen by any public figure on facebook. If you want to spread awareness about your product and service, email marketing is the best option for campaigning. To put it in figures, it is 45 times more approachable in comparison to any other marketing medium. This makes it significant to have a compelling message and get the expected business growth.

Be consistent with your timing:
It is important to identify a perfect time to send your emails to your audience, that means, perfect your timing when your audience is the most responsive to your message. This will help garner better reach and attract a larger audience. Being consistent with tonality and timing will help build trust in your users. You will be able to identify what do they response better to and thus, you will be able to better your performance by delivering what they want to see. By doing this, you can reach at the top of their recall list and enhance productivity.

Call to Action:
Including CTAs are very important because they help your audience navigate through your website or email. You can guide your audience to take an action that your desire and thus take your traffic to the right place or page. But it is necessary that you keep your call to actions (CTAs) to the point, and not demand from a user, to take multiple actions at one time. Also, a CTA should be easy to view and easy to click.

Hyperlink your images:
Starting with the image size good enough to fit into the mobile resolution without tampering with its quality, you must also hyperlink all the images on your email or website to take users to the respective landing page.

A signature template:
Just like one is recognized by the signature moves they have; your brand recall strengthens with a signature sign that you put on all your emails. This builds the brand voice and characterizes your identity and give it a unique flavor. Once your identity is created, it tends to fetch you more readers and users purely based on brand recall.

Test, test and test:
Before you send an email to your prospective customers or existing user base, it is of utmost importance that you preview and test it. Check every bit of the entire message, from a spelling to a hyperlink, from image quality to text. A 100% perfect email can have a lasting impression on your customers, and this is something you would not want to take a chance with.

Monitor and analyze performance:
Herein, you check, which email did the best and why. It could be due to the subject line or it could be the result of an image or gif. Well, it might be your offering too, or the time you sent the email at. Check every aspect of it, analyze and test again using A:B testing method so that you can use that best practice for future communications. Measure the open rate, click-through rate, conversions, unsubscribe rate, bounce rate as well as ROI. Find out what’s best for your audience and your company.

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