The importance and need for local SEO for small businesses in 2020

We all turn to search engines when we want to look up for something or find what we want to buy online, don’t we? This makes it really important for a business to become discoverable so that your users can easily locate your website and products.

Wondering how is this possible? Search engine marketing techniques can make it possible. The techniques help in getting you traffic and thereby increase your rankings on search engine results by placing you above the competitors. Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs happens by using the best practices of search engine optimization (SEO). It helps attract the targeted audience and get your website an uptick in traffic.

What is Local SEO marketing & how is it done?

To start off, SEO marketing is the process of optimizing online content that helps it in ranking higher and getting more visibility when a user looks for it on the search engine. Though this technique doesn’t ensure a high placement or a fixed spot on the results page, it still can enhance your visibility and get you higher traffic than usual.

While traditional search optimization pays attention on the right use of keywords, it is significant to focus on finding relevant search engine strategies too. Social media profiles play a big role in moving you up the results as much as your business website.

There are businesses that operate offline and have limited to no online presence. They run business with just a location address, so, they can seek a resort to local search engine marketing. In this technique, the content is optimized to appear in localized searches, and it makes it easier to target the audience in an around the vicinity of that business. This happens to be the perfect way to reach your targeted local audience. To be precise, when you conduct a standard search engine optimization, you can draw the attention of anyone searching the keyword related to your business, bring them to your website. But with localized search marketing optimization, you target a smaller set of people in their geographies. The people who are looking for a product or service like yours have higher chances of conversion – they are your potential customers.

It must be noted that the search engine marketing doesn’t just happen on Google, local businesses use several search engines such as Google, Bing, Yelp, Apple Maps, to count a few.

Significance of Local SEO

Nowadays, all search engines are focusing on local searches to offer their users a customized experience and make their searches more relevant. Google and other search engines deliver results basis your IP address and your area or city, further narrowing down its reach to deliver only the appropriate content. If you as a business decide to do local SEO, a search engine will narrow its search to target users in a particular location. This can help boost the rankings of small business and get more customers.

Reasons Why Local SEO is important for your business

1.   Your users are looking for you:

It cannot be denied that these days users turn to search engines for finding better options, from food to fodder, information about everything is available on the world wide web. Even if they have to buy anything locally, they prefer to be prepared with current trends and prices. It is much better than going to the market, from shop to shop in search of the desired item. When they are looking for what they need, and your business catches their eyeballs, half the job is done. Local SEO is not just about ranking your business on top, but also getting a loyal set of audience for your business.

2.   Expect a high conversion rate:

Local SEO takes your business to the local masses, it ultimately helps in driving traffic and getting better conversions. When you reach a greater number of people, you sell more. It has been seen, people who look for localized terms are more likely to convert because what they are looking for is right in their vicinity. This increases the chances of them contacting your business. On average, one of the three leads gets converted using the Local SEO technique.

3.   Create your brand recall:

Local SEO assists in creating your brand by targeting the locals in that particular area. When you promote your business by local SEO technique, you mention the services you provide along with their prices, or if you have goods, you promote them with images and prices. This says a lot about your business and offers a trust-building factor to your users. Moreover, it helps to reach out to more customers, who see for themselves what you offer and for how much, thereby, building your brand.

4.   Grow your business:

Local SEO helps your users interact with your business by means of your offerings. You can showcase your products and services to them on your website and even ask satisfied customers to rate you. This builds credibility and trust among the prospective user base. As human nature is to refer to other customers’ reviews before trying out a service for themselves, a column for feedback and suggestions is helpful. This might as well give you certain ideas to expand and enhance your business or its offerings.

5.    Establish a long term network:

This technique can help you locate businesses offering similar kinds of services, and this can lead to you establishing partnerships, thereby growing your business significantly. By collaborating with other businesses and marketers, you can initiate new ideas and garner future profits.

Important Tips for Local SEO

Though there are many tips and tricks that can help better your local SEO, the vital ones are:

  • Local link building to boost SERP: Local SEO can help build relationships within your industry and those links earned from them can boost your search engine page ranking.
  • Proper use of social media platform: Engage and interact with your local customers on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. These platforms play a vital role in boosting your visibility and improving your ranking.
  • Host local events: Not only does hosting events get you some local media coverage, but it all also gets you the eyeballs of your potential customers, leaving a positive impact on their mind about you as a business. Media and word of mouth help in driving customers towards your business without any visible nudge from your side.
Ways to Implement Local SEO

There are many local Local SEO strategies that can help you perform Local SEO manually. But the first step remains to acquire a Google Place listing – physical address, contact number, etc. which is displayed on localized search engine results. And it’s Free!

Secondly, get listed in a relevant local directory known as citations with the same information as on Google Place listing.

It is after that, that SEO techniques come into the picture.

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