Determine changes in content with changes feature in Wayback Machine

Changes made to the content of a specific URL can be detected by users thanks to the new feature incorporated in Wayback machine called ‘changes’. The new feature detects and highlights additions and deletions made to the content over any period of time.

How to use the feature?
You simply need to visit the homepage of the Wayback machine and type an URL in which you are interested in the search BOX. After entering the URL, you need to click on changes button. Calendar view would be displayed on the screen. The content changes would be highlighted on year to year basis. The changes in content can be determined by comparing the contents for different years.

How is highlighting done?
Additions to the content are highlighted in blue colour while deleted contents are highlighted in yellow colour. The tool is not up to the mark in functioning as of now.

Changes feature of Wayback machine is very beneficial for SEO marketers. This is because it can be employed to analyse content, analyse links, check new domains that they want to acquire and check client’s history to confirm that the information provided by them are correct.


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