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Why is it beneficial to choose website designers over free website builders?

With the drastic increase in online business, the website is being built to meet the needs of the market. Varieties of tools are available that helps you in creating your own desired website, but it has its own set of pros & cons. People from different fields such as photographers, bloggers, freelancers and others use website builders to create a website. Most of the website builders are free and can be available online or offline.

Website builders are a cost-effective & time-efficient method to get your website built. Also, changes in the website can be done more easily compared to website build by designers. However, there are certain disadvantages in using the website builders.

  1. Less control over the layout: As it is a known fact, the website builders use ready-to-use templates to create the websites so you will have limited access to designs & styles.
  2. Limited optimization: Many tools that are available offer quite less mobile optimization in their website builder tool. Mobile browsing has seen an increase in these years, so it is important to make the websites mobile-friendly.
  3. Not so easy to use: Website builders do not allow too many customization such as attaching links, resizing images & other minor customization.
  4. No uniqueness: As these website builders have limited options to create a specific website, it fails to accumulate an individual sense of creativity and hence it lacks that uniqueness.
  5. Lack of SEO essentials: A business owner builds a website to grow his/her business and to increase the conversion rate. Mostly the website builders do not offer to incorporate call-to-action on your website.
  6. Restricted Access: Marketing strategies & SEO requires you to have access to website’s code, so you may feel stuck up with the limited access.

If you require a professionally built website that can fetch you leads & grow your business, website designers should be your choice. E Virtual Services has a team of highly-skilled website designers and our packages start at $499.

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