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Why should one prefer India when it comes to outsourcing business?


India has been always considered one of the best business process outsourcing (BPO) destination in the world. Other countries that are challenging the BPO sector in India is Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and others, besides China and other east European countries.
China is offering low-value services, Philippines is considered good for financial services, voice support, engineering & legal BPO. There is constant competition between India & Philippines in BPO sector in Asia. BPO sector in the Philippines is on roll and has captured 10 percent of outsourced voice-based jobs.
India is still on the top as there are large numbers of the employable population between the ages of 25-54 in comparison to the Philippines.

Comparison between India & Philippines: Outsourcing Services

1. India is dominant in technology-based outsourcing and India is the first choice of most US companies for software outsourcing
2. India has better sales integrated services and many companies are moving their service centers to India for better sales work
3. The e-commerce sector is booming and many e-commerce giants are looking forward to setup their business in India
4. As along with voice base support, other sources like social media, chat support is being used, India, that saw decline in voice-based services, can again change the game
5. Cloud-based services such as Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) are growing and India with huge network of undersea cables can deliver BPaaS easily
India is still leading the offshoring business in comparison to the Philippines. Philippines is emerging as a competitor in the business outsourcing industry for reasons such as customer service, great communication skills, accent for voice-based work. But in other segments, India continues to dominate the outsourcing sector.

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