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Planning to expand your business, but don’t have enough resources & budget? Our virtual assistants are capable of accomplishing any task that is assigned to them. Virtual assistants provide remote support to clients at affordable rates starting at $6 hour.

If you don’t have the budget to employ people and invest in infrastructure, you should hire virtual assistants and rest will be taken care by the assistant. You just need to pay thelow amount and we will work for 24/7 as per the need. A virtual assistant can handle your daily tasks such as clerical, scheduling, and technical aspects that will keep your business operating smoothly. With the help of theinternet, virtual assistants can handle awide variety of tasks from anywhere.

What virtual assistants do?

Administrative/Fielding Calls

  • Answering calls, returning emails, and similar tasks
  • Providing various levels of customer service
  • Type documents, mail letters, and take notes

Personal Assistant

  • Serving as a point of contact for other team members
  • Scheduling meetings and managing daily calendar

IT/Technical Support

  • Handling website maintenance and updates
  • Managing servers, networks, and office hardware
  • Providing tech support to customers and vendors

Operational Tasks

  • Advising on best business practices
  • Building teams and recruit other virtual assistants
  • Handling scheduling and delegating daily tasks

Do not wait; Hire your very own virtual assistant today to handle your tasks. Call us on our toll-free number at 1-888-471-5624 x 1 (for sales). E Virtual Services LLC is a virtual assistant company which offers quality virtual services clients. Our client base is spread across the world covering USA, UK, Canada, and India.

Get started now with a 5-hour free trial! Call 1-888-471-5624.

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