Top 6 SEO Trends for 2015

As we enter the New Year 2015, it’s time to throwback and analyze what steps we took in the past to improve our Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs). Previous year witnessed frequent Google Updates which almost slaughtered the online businesses, especially to those who disavowed the Google’s SEO Guidelines. And with such updates, we got to know, how a proper search engine optimization should be.

SEO 2015

By acknowledging those lessons, we have gathered some valuable tips which will apparently be in the favor of Google’s guidelines. If you are looking out for some result-oriented SEO tips to obtain higher rankings on the search engine, befitting the guidelines of Google at the same time, then here are the tips which you need to consider.

Let’s have a look at these valuable SEO tips which can help you gain an edge over other businesses, in 2015

Social media interaction

SMO is an integral part of SEO to tackle with the smarter algorithms. Thus, when it comes to interaction with target audience, social media is always a priority. You must determine your targeted audience; prepare strong social media strategies and deliver content accordingly which encourages your users to share your content over the web.

Conversational keywords

As per SEO 2015 guidelines, conversational keywords will be more significant. Your content should be able to interact with the audience. Keyword stuffing has never been a viable option to get ranking. Excess of keyword stuffing might end up penalizing your website. Keywords should be optimized in such a way that it assists your clients in marking an impression on their users.

Be mobile ready

With more and more audience switching to mobile devices to browse internet, the importance of responsive web design will shoot up as well. If you don’t have mobile friendly website, you tend to miss out on half of your target audience. So make sure that your website renders well on all sorts of devices to acquire higher search engine ranking.

Bid adieu to negative/spam SEO techniques

With the advent of 2015, webmasters should have clarity on guidelines concerning evading negative SEO works. As seen last year, Google and other search engines took steps to dodge spam SEO work, will further make efforts to eliminate spam by penalizing those who implement black hat techniques to get to the top. With a vision to drop out low quality sites, spam and advertisements, search engines will be stricter than ever.

Content will still remain to be the King

“Content is the King”. This age old adage in SEO parlance will hold the fort in current year as well. So, from now, whatever you serve your audience, be sure that it’s well penned down by keeping the audience in mind. No need to use extra keywords. Be relevant. Grammatically correct. Stay off the copyright issues and genuine in all the ways!

Email campaigns

Email marketing campaigns will continue to grow significantly; thus, you would be required to integrate them into your SEO strategies. Indisputably, there is a data overload on the Internet, which means people are searching for noticeable, top quality, and modified emails. This approach is certainly a way forward.

So, next time you chalk out your SEO plan, ensure that you incorporate these techniques by excluding the negative or spam related strategies that were included last year.

Good Luck!

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