Virtual Employee

New Employee Type – Virtual Still Everywhere

In recent years, a trend has been observed in the international business industry. There is a steady rise in the hiring of temporary, part time or contract basis employees. These employees are changing traditional forms of employment. The trend is continued to foresee in future also.

The trend can be justified by the current economic situation, constantly upgrading consumer and marketplace and changing government regulations. Besides this, new labor laws, more enforcement and high cost involved in health and disability has also motivated people to look for independent contractors.

In today’s era, global boundaries do not matter at all when it comes to doing business. The young entrepreneurs want their work done whenever, wherever and however is far from their concern. Most of the leading-edge organizations ate clinging to this flexibility. The trend actually involves the hiring of virtual assistants for the business.

The virtual recruiting process includes video interviewing and online test. The manager who is hiring a virtual employee will never meet him face to face.

Benefits of the employees related to health issues and other expenses of distributed workforce do not exist with virtual secretary.

Quality work with minimal of expenses!! This trend of virtual employees has led their roots spreading everywhere all across the world.

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