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Managing a Virtual Assistant is an Art

In hiring a Virtual Assistant a business owner is essentially looking for accountability not availability. If the virtual employee scales up to the expectations of a client in terms of quality then everything slowly falls into place automatically.

In managing Virtual Assistants no panic button needs to be pressed if the tasks are identified in advance and the outcomes are clearly mapped out.

In the words of a business owner who hired a virtual employee for his Facebook marketing tasks, “a set of Virtual Assistantguidelines I forwarded to the assistant before starting the work on assignments made lots of difference. That process helped both sides in preparing for good results and saved time that would have lost in unproductive communication”.

The guidelines contained details on how to manage the boss’s calendar, meetings, travel, contacts and account information. Some major points are here ….

1. Your Role as My Assistant
2. Adding Events to My Calendar [In five calendar categories] 3. Scheduling My Meetings
4. How to Add Contacts
5. How to Process My E-mail
6. Press Kit for press passes and events to attend
7. Managing my Travel Plans
8. Managing My Contact Lists

Once the work starts, regular updates on the work done so far and an account of what is left will give the clear picture about the work and the worker. If the business owner is more proactive then the results will turn fantastic in a few days.

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